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A pondering thought

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Oct 20 2014

When I look out of the window of my office, I see one of those digital time/temperature displays. Or well, I used to see it.
The company whom owns it seems to have given up on fixing it. All to often only one side of the sign worked, or the displayed data got stuck. Of course, staring out of my office window, I would notice it was broken quite swiftly. I’d notice when it would get fixed too.
But it seemed they gave up on fixing it. I can’t really even remember when it was last functioning. I can’t remember even noticing the whole thing anymore.
It was broken and so I stopped seeing it.

Which made me wonder: How many other things around us are fully broken…yet we fail to see it?

Just a first post

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Oct 13 2014

At times I open my hosting and see my first intro page. “Work in progress”. It’s a blatant lie, no real work has been in progress for a long time now, even though I had some solid ideas about what I wanted to create here. It’s just, the time, between hobbies, work, some side projects, it’s hard to actually spend the time on my own little page.

So what do you do when you have no time to make a webpage? You got for something like wordpress or joomla. Tada. Here we are then.